2016 - Creative Thoughts For A New Year


    The past two years have been a somewhat frustrating time for me as far as my art career goes. Not in terms of sales (although sales are great), but in terms of time to paint and the ability to enter a into a focused, creative place. The competing demands of relationships, other work, and the tyranny of the urgent, all seem to conspire to rob me (and most artists) of that space and time to fully enter into a natural, focused creative. 

     What do I mean by a natural "focused creative"? It is the place where time stands still. The place when your creative has so engulfed you, that  hours pass by as if they were minutes. Where your brush and paint just flow in a natural, unforced way and your painting takes on a life of its own. It somewhat reminds me of playing college soccer, when, in the midst of the game, your focus is so sharp, you no longer hear the crowd or notice anything but the ball. You move and pass and shoot with total focus. Things just happen almost on their own, as if you are on auto pilot. Your focus is so intense, that everything else fades to background. It is not something you can make happen... it either does or does not. It is an organic "thing" and it is a wonderful place to be. In my experience, I don't realize I've been there until I come back to "reality".

     I'm hoping 2016 will yield more times of the focused creative for me and that my work might show its presence. God bless each of you as we enter into this new year, and may God grant us peace - both individually and across this ever-maddening world.    Chris



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