Finding The Time

Working as an artist - especially one with a "real full-time job" is frustrating. My "real" job is somewhat strenuous and I start early in the morning (4;30 AM most days), so my time to paint / create is much more limited than I like. Along with that, not every day can be spent painting. The following photos show a few things I did just this week (some enjoyable, some just necessary) that go along with the painting life:

Shipping paintings

 Getting out and taking photos for inspiration / ideas / reference

Picking up newly framed paintings from the framer

Doing some practice painting to learn new techniques and try new mediums and tools.

I'm thankful for my wife Laurie's help and for the support of my children as I strive to move forward in my passion to create. Thanks too to my Lord for His God-given abilities - it is a true blessing.



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